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Paperwork is an inevitable part of daily operations in any industry, and the costs of circulating paper throughout the office can add up very quickly. Plus, excessive paperwork can be a big factor in the carbon footprint of your business, which may be problematic for your reputation as more companies choose to go green. If you are looking to reduce the use of paper in your office while streamlining the efficiency of your operations, Ameritech Office Systems can help with IntelliCloud document management. With this system, your office in the Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Baltimore Maryland or Washington DC area can store documents with ease while reducing your printing needs and slashing paper waste.

Cloud Based Document Management

IntelliCloud is a cloud based system in which documents can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere, providing greater visibility when you need it along with high security for sensitive data. Because you can store and share documents remotely with IntelliCloud, you may even create more flexibility with scheduling and office attendance.

  • Convenience – When you use a cloud based document management system, you will have greater control over organization and accessibility. You can access important documents anytime, anywhere, meaning that nothing ever gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Cost-effectiveness – IntelliCloud only requires a single initial investment, because it does not require an internal storage framework with hard drives and constantly changing software. Your business also saves money in the long run due to reduced costs of paper, ink and toner, and printer/copier maintenance.
  • Security – Cloud storage uses software running on a centralized server, which ensures security for even the most sensitive documents. In fact, cloud storage can eliminate security concerns that may exist with hardcopies, such as lost paperwork.

Streamline Your Business with IntelliCloud™

IntelliCloudIntelliCloud™ is document management technology that was developed to help businesses like yours reduce costs and increase productivity while maintaining the highest security possible. With IntelliCloud, your business can use cloud-based computing to store documents remotely. Eliminating the excessive amounts of paperwork in your office will not only save you money, but will also protect the environment from additional waste.

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Green Strategies for the Office

Another distinctive advantage of IntelliCloud is its eco-friendliness. You can significantly reduce paper use in the office with cloud storage, but this is only one way to boost the green appeal of your business. Recycling what paper you do use in the office, switching to high-efficiency lighting, and turn off heating/cooling units in conference areas when they are not in use. These small measures can make a big impact without a big upfront investment, similar to the transition to cloud storage.

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