• Kyocera Access Lock

    The earliest known locks date back 4000 years to Ancient Egypt and
    Mesopotamia. These large, clumsy, wooden fixtures had the same basic pin
    tumbler technology still in use today. Looking for a more sophisticated lock to
    protect your business documents? Kyocera’s AccessLock™ meets advanced
    authentication needs with password or proximity card authentication. And with
    AccessLock, your system administrator can easily limit usage to specific
    functions, for greater cost savings and security.

  • Reasons to Choose an Oki Printer

    If you’re looking for the best office printer in Annapolis , you’ll find what you need with Oki copiers and printers. Oki manufactures award-winning office printers and color copiers, and their brand is one of the most affordable and reliable in the country. Their color printers provide high-quality printing services and cost-saving print controls that can help your company save time and money.

    Oki offers combination printers and copiers for offices that require high volume printing services. Their efficient printer copiers allow you to use a range of different media in your printing services, including cardstock, banners, best office printer Annapolis and photo paper. You can also control the quality of your color prints, making your color printing more cost-effective.

    Each office printer and copier offers users security controls and options that help keep the company’s documents secure and confidential. An administrator can set up user levels that allow certain users to print or copy in color, black and white, or not at all. The printer copier also tracks and stores user data, allowing you to monitor the machine’s usage based upon department or employee. This makes it easy to generate reports for accounting and administrative purposes.