• Solving Document Dilemmas with IntelliCloud [Infographic]

    Document Management [infographic] Annapolis Document management is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face. Simply filing paperwork and trying to locate documents are major drains on productivity, while constantly spending money on paper and ink takes a bite out of your budget. You can change that for your business with IntelliCloud. IntelliCloud is document management software that allows you to store all of your documents on a secure cloud server so that they are always easy to access and completely searchable, saving you time on filing and money on paper costs. The software offers one-button integration with office printers and a user-friendly interface so it is easy to implement. Find out more about how IntelliCloud can help your business in this infographic from Ameritech Office Systems . Contact us when you need printers, copiers, or document management software in Annapolis. Share this infographic with your colleagues and decide if IntelliCloud is the solution for your company’s document storage issues.